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It’s been a pleasure to work with INFUSE and their team—they are responsive, professional, and results-oriented. They helped us lower our Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) and lay a great foundation for nurturing because we can now be really specific about who we target. Thanks to their comprehensive filter criteria, we can reach the right leads and get sizable results.

Taryn Gwinner

Demand Generation Marketing
Centrica Business Solutions


Curvature chose to work with INFUSE because we trusted them to help us meet our lead generation goals. They completed our campaign earlier than expected and provided tele-verification that is unrivaled in the industry. Their advanced content marketing engine and industry-leading solutions proved so beneficial that we’ve already launched our second campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the results.

Nino Gentry

Demand Generation
Manager at Curvature


Now that we’re working with INFUSE, I have much more confidence in our lead generation quality and strategy

Sara Kinsey

Marketing Director at Unifi


I found INFUSE team to be exceptionally flexible and responsive, they understood our challenges and helped us set up and run a program that answered our needs.

Brandon Andersen

Chief Strategist at Ceralytics, LLC


INFUSE has demonstrated a solid return on our investment in the high quality of lead generation provided. We’ve had a wonderful experience working with the team and are excited to continue running successful campaigns with them in the future.

Stephanie Fung

Marketing Communications
Manager at Copperleaf


I was very impressed by the professionalism and kindness of INFUSE. The target identification process was painless and quick – and the lead results even faster! INFUSE quickly achieved their promised lead flow quota – offering us complete data acquisition on new contacts within our strategic accounts. Highly recommend INFUSE!

Meg Scales

VP of Marketing
Sight Machine